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Dyed in Wei wei: calm "laundry chaos"

Recently, some undercover journalists individual laundry, the exposure is considered irregular business practices, and several media reprinted, has aroused public concern in our laundry service. Meanwhile, raises, in particular consumers who travel frequently, concerns about the public health of textiles. So, this news event can really represent the industry in it? What should we do about it? To this end, HC cleaning network reporter an exclusive interview with the China Federation of commercial dyed Committee Secretary General Wei (hereafter referred to as Secretary-General Ban). &Nbsp;

     20 years of military life   life

     into the pan of secret Office, black sofa set, two full bookcase, a dark red desk.. ... Very strict minimalist style. See us coming, Secretary-General Ban busy greeted us seated in the talk interview began.

     in the chat, we learned just yesterday (March 1), Pan Secretary General son suddenly ill in hospital, but he still insisted on the appointment with us today, this is an industry leader in bringing our best move and support! It can be said that years of military personnel (1976-1995) career made Secretary-General Ban promises, strict law to have character, cast all trace of gas, and cheerful smile from time to time, people are very casual and friendly.

     in addition, it is understood that, in 2000, established "Professional Committee of dyed" preliminary ideas of the work will have been in the lead of the leader and Secretary-General Ban repeat brewing in my head, to date, there is no doubt that "Professional Committee of China Federation of commercial dyes" has become the industry's most influential national association, during which experienced a number of difficulties and twists and turns, is that we cannot imagine. Having said that, Pan Secretary General sigh, but he only said: "I'm tired but there is a sense of accomplishment." Simple-simple words, but let us see, who, as co-founder of the Professional Committee of China Federation of commercial dyes, experienced the kind of pride and pride. Because of this, his view of this press event is particularly important.


China Federation of commercial dyed Committee Secretary General Wei

     cool "laundry chaos"

     recently, the online article titled "funaite operating sparging mess of laundry: washing and pretending to be a dry cleaner" news led to intense discussions in users, it also caused great concern from the various associations, and Secretary-General ban as a trade association leader, also keep the this event brought about by the confusion and concern for our comprehensive professional resolve.


     recently, a reporter said Beijing store chain cleaner funaite and Carol Coupland "child abuse suit" problem: almost all clothes are washed and professional laundry detergent, is actually the cheapest washing powder are toxic chemical perchloroethylene dry cleaning agents, washed-out dyed a dyeing and the Shams; single rate 10 times as long as wash costs. In this regard, the funaite headquarters to make a timely response, also apologized to the public in the media the following day, apologized for the adverse social repercussions of this event.

     Secretary-General Ban said: this news no doubt caused the community to dyeing industry concern and attention, it will deepen our understanding of the industry, promoting industry self-regulation, on this basis, it's a good thing! Meanwhile, it is undeniable that domestic laundry industry sure has some problems, such as: clothing littering and so on. Laundry expressly provided teacher training, to be nice to customers ' clothing, so I had to say, which brought some warning events for industry professionals, recognizing that what we should do.

     "windfall" said--too one-sided

     information for the events referred to in the laundry industry profits question, Pan Secretary General said: the dyeing industry is China's services industry's most open, it is more of free competition in the market develops. 99% laundries are medium sized, small, tiny, intense competition, price competition is also a very important aspect, so in the case of such a very transparent market, said of the windfall is hard to do. Factual, presented in the report of "profiteering" method obviously does not have the equipment costs, and laundry season differences into account, but for a specification and standardization of the laundry, and decoration/equipment costs cannot be ignored.

     "tetrachloroethylene"-avoid daunting

     admittedly, tetrachloroethylene is a toxic chemical substance, many industries are exposed to these toxic substances, such as cosmetics, but the key is to see the final product will harm the us, this is the most important measure. For tetrachloroethylene, it applies to the laundry industry already has 70 years of history, and on a global scale using tetrachloroethylene laundry accounted for more than 70%-80%, China, perchloroethylene machines accounted for 80%. In this regard, the Secretary-General ban also said, to the more appropriate solvent substitution as a dry cleaning solvent tetrachloroethylene also needs a long process, that its use is permitted in the laundry industry.

     "dry cleaning & washing"-choice standard

     in the aftermath of the incident was reported, Pan Secretary General said: "judge clothes are washing or dry cleaning, mainly through the clothing fabric, stain type, accessories and fabrication conditions may be, professional laundry can be washed and security perspective, select washing mode. Now have an increasingly higher proportion of domestic laundry washing clothes, as far as we know, up to 60% in Europe the Laundry clothes are washed. In fact, the so-called "dry cleaners" title is not completely accurate, should call the cleaner is better. As far as I know, there was only dry cleaning without water ' cleaner '. So, when criticism of laundry is not standard practice in individual, do not introduce the concept of an error: "dry washing high grade. ”

     improving the status of industry training

     in addition, the internal staff training is not in place, is a major cause of this incident, in this regard, the Secretary-General Ban said that due to the high mobility of the industry caused training costs, training a difficult situation. Dyeing industry in particular salesman's training is relatively difficult, it requires expertise to master practitioners must be comprehensive. In this regard, as a trade association, strengthen training, improve the quality of employees always must follow for a long time.

     concluding remarks:

     time approached, urging us not to continue talking with Secretary-General Ban, but in this interview, I really felt the industry both inside and outside the view of the gap. Low threshold, the less lag in China, professional standard ... ... This seems to have become synonymous with the dyeing industry, but none of us can deny that their social status and contributions. And now, we should try to get out a piece of the Red Sea in addition to being a thought "bystander" ... ...


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