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Super 70% new pollutant index exceeds benzene into the main pollutants

Yesterday, the Shenyang municipal environment monitoring center indoor air indoor air quality testing center announces 2011 presentation, be detected in the 230 families in Shenyang in the newly renovated family, 72.6% of the new APIs, and formaldehyde toluene and xylene have been replaced, became the most important pollutants. &Nbsp;

p-xylene as a major pollutant

the detection range, for the renovation work was completed within 6 months of the family, a total of 230.

test results showed that a total of 167 homes found formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and p-xylene, and 72.6% per cent of the total. Among them, the p-xylene over total 74, excess p-51, formaldehyde is 35, benzene for 7. Among them, toluene and 4.73% rate increased compared to the previous year, xylene is up 8.11%. Different from the 2010 testing report. In 2010, indoor pollutants in Shenyang for formaldehyde, xylene and toluene in second to third place.

decoration pollution exceeding 6 times within half a year

new House apartment and housing also decides the indoor pollution. Seen from the area, relatively steady three-bedroom and two-bedroom indoor air quality, indoor air pollution is more serious. Seen from the apartment, South of the main house, than towards the wing as well. Seen from the layout, "Lou" (level two) than the "more than" light pollution.

survey shows that total from 230 new pollutants, xylene pollution accounted for 44.3%, p-30.5%, formaldehyde is 21%, p-4.2%.

renovated 6 months after the 230 families, four kinds of toxic substances usually exceed about 6 times. Among them, the family of xylene maximum reach of over 20 times, toluene 7.4 times.

xylene in first   from the "decoration"

xylene became the most important polluting substances, reflecting the change in people's decoration idea. Xylene and toluene are mainly appear in paint and formaldehyde and benzene occurred largely within the artificial boards. Indoor air test center environmental monitoring central station engineer Tang Guangchao introduced the public at present "light decoration decoration", most people begin to favor the purchase of solid wood furniture, artificial Board reduced the amount, formaldehyde emissions reduced.

due to the paint, wall paint wallpaper decoration materials and application of wall surface, making indoor air pollutants of formaldehyde toluene and xylene substitute. Many families in the decorating house walls, will choose to paint, but paint coating of high levels of p-xylene and toluene.

good home lighting can also reduce pollution

indoor pollution so severe that people should do? yesterday, the expert tips for you.

decoration just at the end: in addition to ensuring that new houses ventilation, and security lighting, which will effectively reduce the concentration of pollutants. When buying furniture, try to make businesses provide formal qualifying inspection report, conditional, preferably before use, make furniture in a well-ventilated conditions for a period of time.

renovation for more than a year, and no obvious odor in the room, you can choose to biodegradation, home culture Aloe, Tiger Orchid, spider plants, green plants, while weather conditions allow ventilation window one to two hours a day, would allow the volatile indoor pollutants.

when there is a disease: live like feel Interior smell accompanied by adverse physical reactions, such as watery eyes, breathing is not smooth, skin irritation, or by the authorities after making room in the Air examination the value exceeded, select professional companies such as Photocatalyst treatment. This method is expensive, and the need to spray chemicals on furniture, and closed for a week for the chemical adsorption of volatile. But the advantage is that it can effectively reduce indoor air pollutants in a certain time.

xylene poisoning responses faster than formaldehyde

formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, benzene is a carcinogen, but have different characteristics. P-xylene is toxic substances react faster, eye and respiratory irritant, high concentrations have a narcotic effect on central nervous system, can cause acute toxicity: inhalation of high concentrations may occur in the short term look and the obvious irritation of upper respiratory tract, eyes and pharynx congestion, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, weakness, confusion, shambling and other illnesses.

while formaldehyde poisoning will cause the body's immune system, respiratory and Hematological disease, cancer rates rise, but slightly slower relative xylene poisoning.


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