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Total bacterial count exceeded "can't afford" proper disinfection and preventing errors

With the rapid development of the food industry, food bacteria counts exceeding and mildew warranty issues have gradually become one of the hygienic quality of Food Lion, in addition to improve the sterilization technology products and equipment, food processing workshop of air disinfection to prevent secondary contamination of microorganisms in food, the extension of food shelf life and effective measures. However, incorrect or improper use of air disinfection products will affect the effect, then, how can we achieve the ideal disinfection effect?  

     a, UV light irradiation sterilization

     mention UV may be cooked all food employees are full of: ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is an efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and economical technologies to effectively inactivate pathogenic viruses, bacteria and protozoa, and almost produces no disinfection by-products. But didn't people to concern which of application details: 1, and never consider UV irradiation strength problem, because each species microbial are has its specific of killing dose valve value, or cannot up to satisfaction of sterilization effect; 2, and ignored UV irradiation of effective space range, as support 30W UV lamp of effective sterilization space range should is less than 30 cubic metres; 3, and not note was disinfection objects and UV lamp of irradiation distance, that hanging height should is less than 2.5 meters, or will effect sterilization of effect; 4, and UV irradiation strength recession problem, general quality of using 1000 hours Hou, recession rate is less than 20%; 5, and application in the should note UV lamp of wipe and cleaning, new lamp using Shi can first with 75% of alcohol gauze wipe lamp, clear dust and oil track on lamp of pollution, using process in the regularly wipe, do lamp of cleaning work, so as not to effect through purple rate and the radiation strength; 6, and ignored UV irradiation strength of monitoring, should 3-6 months with irradiation meter for once strength detection, to guarantee its accurate performance Not light that can kill germs; 7, ultraviolet disinfection when the relative humidity is above 60% sharply decreases, moisture on anti-80% can induce a bacterial life. 8, health damage, in the work or activities of the absolute prohibition of open UV, mainly to prevent eye and face parts of radiation damage.

     If the above is not controlled, using ultraviolet germicidal UV germicidal effect is not used even worse, because they are not being killed or temporarily stun (hidden under 0.6M or irradiation distance), UV light is turned off, treat, and material flow were stunned after the bacteria, virus will rebound, the number of microorganisms in the air even higher. There is a more important mistake is: due to health damage, so when workers should stop using; thus, cannot be continued in a State of dynamic disinfection, lead to interruption of sterilization, no sterilization equipment in their production workers, were secondary pollution by microorganism food which, for the hygienic quality of food buried under significant security risks.

    -b, ozone air disinfection

     ozone disinfection in 2005~2008 just three years ' time, with its absolute advantage was quickly recognized and gradually to replace the UV rays, thus the mistakes are easy to make empirical, that smell ozone that is representative of the concept of sterilization error. Ozone diffuse type sterilization is established in many conditions based Shang: 1, and based on its using high pressure ionization (or chemical, and light chemical reactions), makes air in the of part oxygen decomposition aggregate for ozone, is oxygen of with pigment shaped change of application principle, can see, if in sealed of processing workshop, opened ozone a time Hou, will no enough of fresh air for its ionization into ozone, has ozone of odor not representative on in sterilization, if has enough fresh air workshop have not to sealed, for ease contradictions best configuration oxygen; 2, and Ozone has a strong sterilization effect of oxidizing, but things are on both sides, and strong oxidizing and to the readily oxidizable materials there is damage, such as oxidation of the rubber is very serious. In non-clean workshop sterilization Shi, air in the of ozone concentration reached 10-20mg/M3 can, and to closed role 30 minutes of time; if while need on workshop within has some equipment and items disinfection, ozone concentration need reached 20-30mg/M3, if is on clean workshop disinfection Shi, ozone concentration must reached 30-100mg/m3;3, and effect ozone sterilization effect of environment factors main is temperature and humidity, temperature low, and humidity big is killing effect good, especially humidity conditions, Relative humidity is less than 45%, suspension limited germicidal action of ozone in the air, relative humidity >70%, reflected the real efficacy.

This is due to the relative humidity increase can cause cells to expand, cell wall becomes thinner, making it more vulnerable to penetration by ozone dissolution. 4 preparation, due to ozone and air treatment for technical reasons, most traditional ozone generators will produce huge amounts of nitrogen oxides (NOx), nitrogen oxides and some chemical reactions in foods, the formation of nitrite, nitrate and other harmful substances. Ozone generators and gas sources for food sterilization to take us seriously, otherwise it will have adverse consequences; 5, studies have shown that ozone concentrations in the 0.012ppm levels, can cause itching of the skin, eyes, nasopharyngeal, and respiratory irritation, lung functions affected, causing symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath and chest pains, the greatest concentration occurs when lung function and tissue damage.

     so, on ozone is both a godsend and a protective umbrella of humanity, sometimes like a heavy dose of poison. And UV-have one thing in common, that also hurts the body, cannot continue under State of dynamic disinfection, disinfection workers interrupted production, the same conclusion is no sterilization device synchronization when workers are available.

     "the food is what matters to the people", concerned about food safety, is to focus on the now and the future. There is reason to believe that, through the food business owners, government regulators and equipment manufacturers work together on food safety, security, health food will be added to our lives a comfortable and warm.


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