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Procter's tide detergent has once again been exposed substandard

Procter's tide detergent has once again been exposed is not standard. Shanghai City, according to the latest release of "washing powder test results" to show that "the tide" white stain natural fragrance of phosphate-free washing powder is the only 12 samples of 8 brands detergency substandard products. For this result, insisted that Procter and Gamble will be major cause of qualified products classified as "business differences in implementation of international standards and national standards." &Nbsp;

     2005 tide this product have also been accused of decontamination appropriate national standard. In this regard, Procter and Gamble will be questions directed at testing standards. It is learned that, at present China's detergent products recommended national standards is the standard--GB/T13171-2004 of the washing powder, businesses can enforce national standards, can also be performed on its own, formulate standard enterprise standard registered only at the local Bureau of technical supervision, inspection and quarantine. "At present, Procter and Gamble Executive corporate standard principles of international standard methods were used, select actual washing the stains contrast of consumers in their daily lives, while the national standards are determined by Simulator. Simulation and actual different stains, could influence the test results. "The tide brand manager for external affairs Gao Jiasi explained. Cannot evaluate any standard higher, but said countries in encouraging enterprises to develop above the industry standard of enterprise standard, and Procter and Gamble detergent standard in the relevant departments.

     tide detergent currently is divided into white and effect 2 series, 7 species, mainly for the low end of the market. 560 g supermarkets in Guangzhou tide white price of 3.5 Yuan, and those of other branded products of the same size in 6 million. People have questions, "underlining the low-end market, some standards may not up to national standards. ”

     in this regard, the Procter and Gamble denied that. "Persil is Procter and Gamble products, this has not been found substandard, and enforcing corporate standard tide is the same. "Gao Jiasi, said" the two brands are mainly differ in terms of aroma and soft laundry. ”


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