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Boiler descaling necessity and boiler scale hazards

One is the scale of the thermal conductivity to dozens of times to hundreds of times smaller than the boiler plate, after scaling will worsen heat exchanger of heating surfaces, increase, reduce the thermal efficiency of boiler exhaust gas temperature, wasting fuel. &Nbsp;

     II is affecting safe operation. During normal operation of the boiler, heated metal soon after passing the heat to water, both about 30 ℃ to 100 ℃ temperature difference. When there is a scale, metal heat transfer is blocked, so the temperature rapidly increases, intensity decreased significantly, leading to overheating deformation, compression part bulge even blasting.

     third, damage the water cycle. Boiler scale formation in water, because of the bad heat transfer, so evaporation is reduced, reduced boiler output. If scaling in pipes, flow cross-sectional area decreases, increases the flow of water cycle, when pipes will be completely blocked, disrupting normal water circulation, causing explosion accident.

     four is to shorten the boiler life span. Attached to the boiler heating surface in particular scaling of the heating surfaces canals is difficult to eliminate. Need to shutdown when the descaling cleaning, increasing maintenance costs, often using heating surface mechanical and chemical methods de-scaling will damage and shorten the service life of boilers.


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