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Gas stoves daily cleaning and maintenance of common sense

Gas stove is families of essential products, many family long-term using down will appeared stove surface difficult care, and jam furnace head, and effect sparking, more will effect food delicious, many problem, this author reminded you, gas stove of daily maintenance and clean is is important of, do not ignored, weekday not note clean and maintenance words, tip down, not only effect cooker beautiful, more is effect machine using life, cooking of food also natural lost has original of delicious and nutrition. Author friends summarizes gas stoves daily cleaning and maintenance tips, interested friends may wish to follow me to find out. &Nbsp;

    1: clean the stove surface

     cooking is always messing up the kitchen, cooking at a time cleaning the stove surface, gas cooker will make a great difference, fear most is the accumulation of grease, the habit of daily cleaning habits to prevent accumulation of oil, ensure lasting clean.

     glass stove surface attached to an electronic heater, ceramic stove surface, the best way to clean is a non-abrasive detergent or baking soda in water on the stove surface and then wipe clean with a scouring pad or sponge, rinse, soft cloth to wipe.

     Note: wait until the stove surface cooling after cleaning, do not use a wet sponge or cloth to wipe the hot-stove surface. Do not clean appliance not placed in the focal plane to prevent the lesion surface.

    2: close the cooker unattended

     in the cooking process, if left unattended should stop using gas appliances, avoid soups, porridge, pastas, such as overflow, there got put out the fire, causing a gas leak.

    3: always check the hose quality

     frequently check and clean the hose and found them aging, cracked, scorched, rat and insect bite marks, it should be replaced immediately, hose should not exceed 18 months.

    4: avoid damage battery leakage gas stove

     gas stove is not used for a long time, be sure to remove the batteries, as well as to change batteries on a regular basis.

    5: clean fire hole with a toothpick

     If you feel strong enough firepower, may be port blocking, use toothpicks or slender items-ports can ease.

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