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The stone material renovates

The stone material renovates

Stone material renovating machine (also known as the marble renovation) system equipped with a planetary mill, heating and bayonet diamond discs, which HP (1850W), high speed (with planetary disc of up to 720 RPM). The system different Yu other similar products main by weight of heavy operation way to reached refurbished stone of effect, but through the system balanced, and science of weight, and speed and the unique of heating way and formed of stone best Crystal points, by metal gear drive and produced of powerful torque and quality of diamond disc to completed stone of refurbished work, the system not only can reached best of refurbished effect, and greatly reduce has intensity.

Motor power
Rotary speed
240 RPM/Min
Turntable diameter
410mm 16”
Host weight
Decelerator material
Metal planet gears
Security system
People from the machine stops
Electrical components
All insulation
Corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminium
Resistance pressure of cast steel


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