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Dry foam sofa cleaning machine

Dry foam sofa cleaning machine

Sofa cleaning machine using dry foam GMS-2 beauty  ZL032212437  patented foam technology, foam, wash, drain three-in-one, is a professional cleaning cloth art furniture and decorative devices. Apply hotels, restaurants, clubs, offices, entertainment, theater, sewing furniture, cleaning company.


Equipped with cleaning agent: water, Lan Weibao dry foam carpet.


1, bubble, cleaning, drain three-in-one.

2, express wash, dry foam; avoid moisture affect the business use.

3, adjustable foam moisture, serious stains can be cleaned quickly.

4, mechanized washing, high efficiency, rubbing evenly; avoid uneven friction, cloth rags phenomenon is easy to produce holes.

5, cleaning brush is made of  12V  DC motor, safe to use.

6, large rear wheels features pull-rod design, easy to move.

Main technical parameter:

Fuselage sections
Brush head
Voltage 220V Voltage: 12V
Power 700W Power: 75W
Weight 12.3kg Weight 2.7kg
Solution tank capacity 8L Chassis 125mm
Water tank 5L  
Telescopic tube length: 1.2M  
Power cable length: 4M


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