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Carpet extractors

Carpet extractors

C-1/C-2 carpet extractors

using warm water jet dissolves stains, while the sewage pumping out and sucked into the tank, to clean up the middle and small area rugs, as well as inside the car; suitable for use in medium-term maintenance of the carpet.

for institutions: carpet shops, car beauty shops, car dealers, Office and cleaning company.


1, injection pump, two in one, quick drying.

2, the tank is equipped with a handle, facilitate the proposed dump.

3, the tail wheel equipped with pull rod design, easy to move.

4, polyethylene material body, strong and durable.

  main technical parameters:

                        C-1                               C-2

   :               220V/50HZ                   220V/50HZ

  water pump power:           80PSI                           80PSI

  suction power:           600W                           1000W

  water tank:         8L                                15L

  tank capacity:         5L                                10L

  high pressure hose:           4M                                4M

  Flex hose:           1.4M  (  telescopic  :1:3)       1.4M  (  Expansion than  :1:3)   


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